Masectomy tattoos.

I feel very strongly about being able to give back and to use my skills for some sort of good. Through my work I meet all sorts of people who have been affected by cancer, I myself have been in my direct family and friend, and I feel like this terrible disease takes away a part of you, be it your life if you don't make the fight or your dignity if you do beat it. From speaking to women with breast cancer experiences I have learnt that not only does the cancer shake you to your core but in the case of some women needing a mastectomy it can take away a part of you that makes you feel less of what you were before. I understand this is not de rigour for all women and that every single last one of us are beautiful no matter what we have or don't have! I myself have had invasive surgery to remove part of my body considered to be part of 'womanhood' and the female make up so in part I understand a less visible, less damaging side of this. I want to be able to offer women that feel this would help them to heal and feel more comfortable with their scars the opportunity to have masectomy covering tattoos, free of charge. For this to happen I need you to have had at least a year to heal your scars. This is because the tissue needs time to regenerate before any furtherwork can be done with them. You also need to be aware of the possibility of lymphadenopathy which is a risk with a lot of women who have had lymph nodes removed with their cancer. It would be best to discuss this and the plausibility of getting a tattoo over the surgery site with an oncologist, as even though I have done and continue to research this area I am not a surgical doctor and cannot tell you the facts fully nor guarantee that the tattoo will not cause lymphodema (there are plenty of anecdotes online from women who have had tattoos and no relating problems, but again this is not official medical information and for yourself I would only trust the word of your own doctor or oncologist; I could not take responsibility for any medical side effects if you have not come into this without gaining full medical awareness, again, I am merely a tattooist)

i have tattooed over over scar tissue on many occasions but have not worked with mastectomies as yet which is why I insist you do the above things for both of our safety.

If if you are interested in this concept then please email me at with the subject header - masectomy tattoo and we can discuss further, and arrange a phone call to discuss any information we need from each other. This offer is open to all women, anywhere in the country if you can arrange your travel and accommodation yourself, and if you are a good candidate ( i.e. Year or more healed scars, low LE risk etc)

I will add some photos of concepts I have had for the pieces to this post as soon as I can upload them.


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